Monday, November 11

Bertukar kepada

Salam kengkawan ..

Pada yg hairan mengapa blog tidak berupdate kerana kitepunye dah bertukar kepada

Mohon pada semua ke link baru ini ya dan support kitepunye di sini

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Wednesday, October 9



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Tuesday, October 8

Eppie burfdaie Qurratul


Eppie burfdaie nur qurratul halwa...
Satu satunya princess mama yg tersayang...

Bukan itu saja...
Kami anak beranak semuanya tarikh lahir bulan oktober

Mama harap kakak dapat menjaga adik irfan jika mama tiada..
Jangan sekali dipisahkan walau apa sebab sekalipun.
Mama tahu adik Irfan notty tapi die sememangnya manja sebenarnya

Ke mana jua mama pergi kakak dan adik mama takkan lupakan
Kakak juga peneman setia mama untuk menghadirkan diri ke mana event yg ada
Bila dapat hadiah atau goodie bag kegembiraan yg terserlah dari Qurratul menyenangkan hati mama

Kite serupa..
Ada yang kata muka cam "photostat"

Alhamdulilah setakat ini Qurratul pandai bawa diri ke mana saja pergi dan juga pandai menjaga adik Irfan di kala mama memerlukan

Insyallah jika di berikan rejeki kita akan berjalan jauh lagi, menempuh bersama...
Insyallah jika di tanya... Mama x perlukan apa apa melainkan tuhan sihatkan tubuh badan anak mama, murahkan lah rejeki anak mama peliharalah anak mama dari segala bencana atau kejahatan dan akhir sekali.... Jadilah anak yang solehah ingatlah mama dalam setiap doamu...


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Monday, October 7

G,U.T mum

G.U.T mum
Growing up together

N3 hr nie dlm BI ye..

Thanks to friso team and derek 4 e invitation and hospitality..

Attendin a parentin event is the best moment ever as this is the tyme for us to share with others-mummy

Registration counter

"Enjoy the incredible journey of growing up together"...

If i as a housewife... My daie will be the best ever daie as i can see, feel and enjoy to see them growin, laughin and of coz i will not miss any moment of it

But if i'm a workin mum... Naaaaa....
I'm surely will miss the moments, seein them growin , spending tyme with them as most of my tyme will be travellin and workin..

By the tyme i'm bck, its only 3-4 hrs for me to spend with them which sometyme they might be on sleepin tyme alreadi (agree rite)

Friso launchin its new latest formulated product with new packaging.
New aspect in the formulated milk such as
-supporting digestive system which is good for children
-promoting functionin of the immune cells
-and the main one supporting antibodies production

As a mum we need to ensure that our child gettin the best ever nutrition so tht they will be healthy to perform their fav activities nor hobbies and grow up succesfully and happily.

thus, everyone knows that Friso milk is fresh from the farm in holand and it's fresh as the pic below -tagline-
"From grass to glass"

Good nutrition will helps to kills,to fights the bacteria and virus which can cause our children sick ..

Welcome speech by Madam Anja Henze...Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Industries...

In the speech contains
"Nowdays kids/children are more to latest technology and gadjets.. Is hard for us to find group of childrens doin outdoor or indoor activities with enjoyment and exciting..
Even now at restaurants, house even while vacation kids are more to technology..

So with this launchin hope we can fulfill the friso campaign be a G.U.T mum which we get our kids to grow up 2gether and sepnd tyme with us...

How's the new look ?
Friso new look

Close ups with Friso products..

N the launchin begins...
Celebrities mummy with ms anja on the new packagin
Sazzy falak,ms anja, belinda

The new look of friso product...
From colour
To baby... Purple colour
To grown up... Orange colour

On the event itself we have celebrities mummy , and also peadtrician to share their experience with us ...
What is best, tips , and lots more

Like the idea of sazzy falak...
Let ur kids /children to explore everythin but still ensure not on danger...

Sazzy falak sharing his experience...
Twins... Luv them so cute..

Dr koh giving tips to us

My fav idol... ngai yuen with kids

Ngai yuen sharing info and exeprience having 4 kids..
How do we manage them

Launchin of G.U.T mummy
Everyone holdin the badge b4 pin it

Sazzy falak n belinda
Close up sazzy falak... (Luv her skin colour)

Belinda, ms anja and ngai yuen
Close up Ngai yuen- my idol

Celebrities mummy and ms anja after pin it the G.U.T mum badge...
All look stunnin...
Anyone interested do log to facebook and d/load the badge...

Mine done...

Me n my fav idol- ngai yuen..:)
Sempat chit chat jup pasal ikal mayang...

Men sazzy falak....
Curie masa die jup snap photo

Me and celebrities mummy-
Sazzy falak,belinda, me, Ngai yuen, Putri Azalea( fasha sanda in laws...interframe advertisement)

Kak ayu rafikah and celebrities mummy

Durin the event we was ask to write our pledge how to become G.U.T mum

Me wrote we as workin mum will be alwiz bz and miss all the moments. So wht i pledge i wants to see my baby boy Irfan to become fire fighter.
When he consume Friso the nutrition will helps him as fire fighter and of coz without havin a good antibodi the dream will not be fullfill..

Co-incident this month is 'our october family burfdaie" so hope so my bby boy dream can be fullfill... We was not advice on wht was the prize but hint given Friso will fullgill our pledge if we're the winner

While waitin for kak ayu takin photo at photo booth, they informed the winner
There was 3 winner and guess wht...

Yupp me...!!!!!
Me one of the winner..
When they call my name, me blurr...
No prize collectionon tht daie

The staff inform that they will call on collection of the prize..
Of coz me so eppie.... Heard prize wasnot bad
Neway will wait 4 e call

Of coz any event the one tht we're awaitin is refreshments...
Tadaaaa ... Our bfast



Pastry n murtabak ayam(delicious weii...)

Coffee n tea..

Again thanxs to Friso Team and Derek or the invitation.. Hope to jointmore events with u guys...

p/s: lunch also served tp x sempat ambil sbb lapar ...


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Saturday, October 5

Nuffnang food fest

Nuffnang food fest


2daie is the daie

Jum jumpa kat sanae...


Wednesday, October 2

Boss br ..

Boss br...


Sejak duk kat Opiz yg sikalang nie, dah brp byk boss brtukar dari cina, india, melayu, laki n perempuan semua dah..

Sejak company kena CST... Kite dah xde big boss in other words kite "yatim staff"...

Ade PIC pun cam xde sbb semua x tahu sbb bila ambil tahu byk kena buat..
So bila x tahu senang sikit nak arahkan owang ...

'Hi team, please assist..'

Itu ajer stmt yg die tahu.. Satu lagie die mmg brharap or brgantung pd owang lain especially staff bawahan die . Bukan nak berkira but sometymes too much laer sbb kite kena buat kejer byk die blh lak dok ngarah 'shake leg'

Kali nie yg ke 6 ...
Boss yg ke 1... Sempat 2 bulan
Boss yg ke 2... Xkan backup staff lgsg..
Boss yg ke 3... Very details ...
Boss yg ke 4... Nak yg trbaik sajer
Boss yg ke 5 ... Sempat 3 bln kena CST
Boss yg ke 6... X tahu camne insyallah ok kot ... Owang utara...

So hr nie die akan msk but me x msk kejer ... Cuti .. Hahahahaaa

At least title kite dah tukar bukan lg yatim staff kan

So will c how nantie ye


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Tuesday, October 1

Eppie vegetarian daie

Eppie vegetarian daie...

N3 harie nie dlm BI
Kengkwn ok kan

Vegetarians generally
-healthier skins
-rich in

For those who on diet, vegetables is consider is a MUST in the menu..
How u cook : depends on indv...

So why not try goin vegan today for World Vegetarians daie

Courtesy : her world oct issue

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