Tuesday, September 24



Yg mana satu kengkwn pilih...

Buatlaer pilihan yg wajar yea

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Monday, September 23



Dalam bahasa malaysia- lidah

Lidah mmg dgunakan utk merasa
Lidah salah satu bahagian dgunakan juga masa brkata kata

Seperti di bawah..

Lidah tidak brtulang..
Ada yg kata ia tidak kuat..

Hakikatnyer lidah yg paling brkuasa dan paling kuat..
Sbb dgn kata kata sajer ia mbolihkan sesowang itew

-patah hati
-putus harapan
-kecil hati
- ego
- putus saudara,sahabat

So bila nak brkata kata ; brhati hatilaer...

Renung renungkan

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Sunday, September 22

Island BBQ Steambot

Island BBQ Steambot
Harie nie kite nak cakap pasal BBQ Steambot..
Tringin nak mkn tp nak kan kelainan...
Biasa mkn kat seoul garden kali nie tukar venue lak
So cari n mencarilar kite ..
Dah goggle nama tempat...
Dah kena gps laer jalan...
Siap trlepas simpang gak...
Masa msk jln ke tmpt nie nampak mcm scary jap sbb kiri kanan umah ajer..
Ala ala bucu hujung jln br nampak ade abg naik motor dok tanya nak ke island bbq ke..
Ngan eppie ckp ye.. Ingatkan terus ke rest rupanyer ke parkin ... Sini kena rsvp dulu kalu blh sbb tmpt selalu penuh..

Gelap sbb ambil gmbr kat nak blk.. Trlupa siut..

Sign board..

The venue...

Choice of food

Ade mcm-mcm cili... Sebut cilie apa nak..

Nie ialah planta /marjerin .. D'gunakan tuk m'bakar makanan..

Irfan n qurratul dok ibuk nak tunjuk ade ikan...ok dear... Sambil mkn sambil tgk ikan

Beside menu steambot ade disertakan juge mkanan cam nasi goreng mee goreng and etc...
yg best nyer bile mkn ade nice view for Irfan... tuk others tak tahu laer pula..
reson being is Irfan suka aeroplane.. so sepanjang mkn mmg akan nampak aeroplane depart dr subang airport...
kuat bunyi.... clear picture kalu tyme malam lagi best sbb blh nampak lampu kat aeroplane...


Another one

Yup atas kamie ajer...
Tmpt nie lebih kurang cam seoul garden
Blh mmbakar, mgrill, mrebus , and etc...
Sup ade 2 choice...
Sup ayam
Sup tomyam...
Since ade bdk bdk so kite request for sup ayam

C... Kamie bakar and also rebus ..

Irfan n papa njoy eatin

Pmbakaran makanan tlh brlaku

Hak milik Qurratul


Brg basah

$$$$$.... sorg dlm rm22+ tuk dewasa and kanak kanak 15++
so kalu nak silalaer comment saya bg alamat n ctc number sekali yea...
Itew ajer ...
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Friday, September 20

They' gone- CST

They' gone

Is goin to be differ without u guys...
Especially the 4 of u..
Life, cheer, sadness n happiness will no longer be the same in e opiz when u're no longer here..
I wonder HOW..
I wonder WHY..
I wonder WHOM...
I wonder WHAT..
I wonder WHO...
This could happen to all of u..

But friends life still need to go on...
Whateva it is u olls know tht u olls e best among the rest

Wht ever u decide, i'll try my leel best to support u and hope u're doin beat in ur future undertakings..

Do understand that u dun't ask this but they choose u olls - which come with a reason

Take positive and all the best yea..
U guys ... I will miss u alotzzzzzzz

Pls do keep in touch k..


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Wednesday, September 18

Xixili pink fantabulous hi tea party

Xixili pink fantabulous hi tea party

Thanxs to doreen teh for the invitation..

Jom start ....

Kite suka sangat ngan quote d'bawah:

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the believe that she is beautiful"

Setuju atau tak mmg kite setuju..
Kalu bukan kite diri sendirie yg percaya kite cantik siapa lagie..

Sebelum kite view pic, activities and etc...
Biar kite explain sikit ye...

Xixili stage

XIXILI banner

The guests.... From media working professional, blogger and also college students

The passes... For my lucky draw

N3 harie inie most of it dalam bahasa Inggeris hope readers ok ye

Love my life
BSE, i have it...

Love my life is a community project established by XIXILI in 2005. The community project is insipred by a simple yet beautiful philosophy:
"Love yourself first so that you are able to love others. Take care of yourself first so that you can care for others, especially your loved ones"

Kite agree as u have to luv urself then only when u luv others u will have this feeling which will not be able to describe with words

'Love my life' represents the woman who embrace themselves for who they are, and more importantly for the ladies who take charge of their lives.

The primary goal is to promote breast cancer awareness and to encourage women of all ages to practice breast self-examination (BSE) every mth. XIXILI play a significant role in constantly providing education and reminders on the importance of practicing BSE

So XIXILI kick start her signature community project 'Love My Life' this year with a three series educational programme.

1. Organise in partnership with Breast Cancer Welfare Assosciation (BCWA) & Pantai Hospital in conjuction with pink october month.

-which advocate the importance of ladies taking care of themselves
- which advocate them to take charge of their well being
- emphasizes on practicing monthly "BSE - I have it, as early detection can save one's life"

Ms Jo Leong- Senior Marcom Manager of XIXILI giving short brief on the community project

Ms Doreen Teh - manager marcom

2. Benefit to the young ladies of higher institutions such as college and uni student

-a pink awareness talk
-Breast Self-Examination- BSE demonstration
-valuable tips shared to empower the young to start early in practicing their BSE

BSE talks

The MURNI van (1st tyme seein it)

Raffles Design College student invent jugglin as one of the activity (realllie enjoy it... U oll's superb)

Juggling- how to do BSE

Yupp event is only for ladies but the Raffles Design College invent this jugglin they was actually given challenge which was given to them by XIXILi team

Every one taking part


N here we are jugglin

- Breast cancer survivor...

Raffles Design College student also created a teaser video which was showcased during the event. Waiting for sequel: look in october month which will be launch to create public awareness

To preview the video, feel free to visit

3.XIXILI running a special "Love My Life" promotion for any ladies that have undertaken mammogram or breast ultrasound with Pantai Hospitals or Gleneagles Hospitals nationwide in conjunction with Pink October.

During the event Pink Fantabulous 'Love My Life' HiTea party, every guests were also guided on XIXILI's lingerie wear and personal make up tips by one of our sponsor Benefits Cosmetics

Of coz any event sure the will be refreshment provide rite..

This tyme the refreshment -cute,lovely
Check out the pic

Refreshment area

'Love My Life' Hi Tea Party

The cakes..

The cakes..

Lingerie cupcakes..

Lingerie cupcakes


Cute ...

Close up lingerie cupcake

Nice chocolate..

Caramel cakes in the hse... Sweets..

B4 we end the event, fashion show of XIXILI Autumn 2013 collection

Luv the nite dress

Goodies bag...

I hv redeem my free "bra" at ur outlet in One Utama- i realie happie , luv ur material, thumbs up to ur customer service especially at one utama...

Thanks again to XIXILI team for the invitation

-nukilan dr puan owner umah melalui public iphone