Monday, March 18

Sad week

Sad week

Still under sad week since last week hopin to recover soon

I'm so sad n down as
no matter helpful u're
No matter good u're
No matter excellent u're
No matter knowledgable u're

If ppl wants to sabotaj u there still do and even ur friends tht u work with

Lots of things happen past 1 week which i kept secret and also tdy it shows..

I wouldn't know wht to say
Where did i do wrong
What did i do wrong
Whom do i do wrong
Why only i did the wrong
As i know others do more wrong
As i know others done more wrong doin then me
As i know others are not trustworthy
As i know others are SELFISH but now they blame me
Eveyone not as previous they chg... Totally chg to the bad one

Whteva it is my life still go on
Allah is alwiz beside me to help me to guide me to give strength as i'm workin to get halal salary to support my lovely kids
Allah will alwiz listen to all our doa from ppl which was accuse (difit, diania..)

It shown on the 15/3 but yet on the 16/3 it happen again...
I need to be strong to face all this as this is the circle of life...
Patient is the best cure medicine for me ...

Pray for me my colleague...
Hope all will be reveal and by tht time u will know who i am

Sorry tetiba dlm bahasa omputihlak

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