Monday, October 29

27 October

27 October 2007
Plan for today

  • buat breakfast
  • gi party halloween for WAWA at Sunway club under Parenthood
  • Nak gi Puchong raya
  • Nak gi Parkson
  • Nak gi annual Dinner for MAXIS

Breakfast x sempat buat sbb bgn lmbt. aku bgn lebih kurang kul 7.30.. Tgk dlm majalah Mami & Babi kata the event start kul 9.30am .. sbb aku x beli lagi ticket takut tiket habis so suruh c.abg n Si Q siap cepat ..

kul 9.00am dah sampai kat sunway club tapi rupanya even 2 start kul 10.30am .. geramnya .. since c.abg punya license expired yesterday so kiteorg terus shoot ke Sbg Jaya SS15 Post office to renew die punya license and in the same time aku bayar bil air n api.. baru aku realized yg bil api aku actually lebih one month die charged

Last reading 110907 current reading 241007.. t'geut jugak aku RM 35.57.. biasanya RM 10.00 aje sbb umah 2 dlm s'bln 2-3 kali aje aku stay overnight .. most of the time aku balik sana buat laundry.. lepak tgk TV .. tapi mmg aku conpirm lampu umah ssama ada bwh atau atas mesti aku buka ....

Since masa byk lagi kite org terus drive ke A& W 4 breakfast since c.abg use differ way .. We have teh Jump Up combo- comes with e sausage, scrambled egg, toast bread banana muffin and fish fillet .. as per normal si Q so excited on having it.. x blh nak salahkan die sbb masa aku pregnant dulu asyik ngan fast food aje lain x nak

WE sampai kul 10.32am .. masuk n purchase teh ticket.. glad sbb bdk 2 only charged me RM 17 each .. my SI Q- FOC.. kite org dpt goodie bag .. Johnson bath bedtime, baby oil and some barney n Clifford .. Si Q is so exciited on the books.. Kalau nak kire mesti mahal nak purchase abt USD 3.95 to USD 4.50 each.

We started with the fish pond.. SI Q was happy fishing with c.abg.. dapatlah 5 ekor anak ikan ..masuk dlm cup for us 2 bring back .. Hse's not wearing any special costume sbb x empat mama nak tempah or rent .. so she played the mummy game- she lost's .. statue dance lost again ( of course u don't expect 2 yrs old 2 be a statue even 4 15 sec).. last but not least treasure hunt- yes we won 3 rd place.. we need to search for the snak which was hide in the hall .. we managed to get 7 snake.. so there's go she got another gift...

we stayed till end of the day .. and I took another goodie bag from e reception counter again ..why ??? Simply....

No going pt Puchong or Parkson since c. abg had a toothache.. straight went abck .. I Cooked lunch .. mashed potato and rice and also fried fish..

6.00pm - went out for my office dinner ... well no special gown I wear as I was not in the mood of goin' but 4 the sake of the door gift tht was supposed to received I went... Registration took place but no door gift .. I di my hair twice at the fun corner .. the 1st hairtsylist was so -so only butthe 2nd hairstylist was superb...

I meet up shuhada Sabrina and we walk from the KLCC to KLCC convention center.Few photo taken as per normal but will load later K ...We have the Chinese Cuisine and after 4 dishes the food was no taste at all ... We sat with Ex SCC ( Audrey, gary, Edwin and Casey) then jpin in later Nida and Emma....

We waited almost till 10.15pm for anuar zain, camelia, david arumugam and sheila majid to sang.. They sang 1 song and chg to differ singer but Fidaus was lucky as he get 2 dance with Camelia twice OK ( repeat twice)When Anuar zain came out the 1st time, everyone was like goin' to the stage to sing with him and snap photo with him...I think he will say " hey all in the world.. i went to the MAXIS annual dinner and guess wht happen .. "

i luve when he sang the Lelaki ini song.. I record it and will post it later soon.. I went off at 11.30pm just went they started the dance floor and the grand final lucky draw went off ...

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