Friday, July 11


Email from Juli
Sent yesterday
& today will be her last day

My Dearest Team,

As you all know it’s my last working day tomorrow. I did not manage to have a 1 to 1 session with each of you but I hope my email can explain all that I want to say…J It is with a very sad heart that I write this email….

Firstly I would like to THANK each of you for all your contributions, commitments and your support given to me thru out my time in managing this team.

After 3 years being in Helpdesk, I was given the opportunity to manage Select Team in July 2006 and than move on to manage Priority Elite in January 2007 and now given the role of Head of Priority Service where I oversee both teams. All my achievements and movements are because of your contributions and commitment towards your work. My passion and interest in work is driven by your energy. ..

We have came this far ...Priority Elite broke the record when we achieved 87% for CSI (July 2007) from than we continued achieving high scores and achieved the highest score ever – 89% ( Jan 2008), Priority Select has been continuously achieving CSI since July 2008 till today, kick start of Elite 1K with the launch of Best Of Best campaign and etc…….Overall year 2007 & 2008 has been a superb an excellent year simply because of YOU …!

I urge and ask each of you to continue to do your best and give your full support to your supervisors. Whoever my replacement is, I trust the same support and commitment will be given because I believe you and me share the same goal that is “ to bring Priority Team to a greater level “ .

Each of you need to support and assist each other and work towards closing all the gaps. We have many new team members but I trust that the senior ones will guide them. I may not be present at office but I am contactable if you need any advice or guidance. I would love to see you grow in MAXIS as MAXIS is a superb place to work in……

I am truly gonna miss each of you…..THANK YOU once again …..

Email / Facebook: julirema@gmail

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