Monday, April 7

Disney On Ice

April 05

wake up at 9.00am
Breakfast and lepak kat umah with Wawa
Since I'm still not OK yet

Received call from my aunty
They in town
To meet up at the Kelana Jaya LRT station

Went out at 1pm
Met at LRT and drove to SS3
Aunty's had appointment with the dental specialist

Everything settled
When for a drink
Thought to drop at VS but since full hse so change venue to Secret recipe
Order: pple kasturi, brownies for wawa, blueberry cheesecake- for abg, ice blended for both my aunty

Sharp 3.30pm move to Bkt Jalil
Here we come

Who will enjoy ????
Of course Wawa.. she reallie enjoy the show
Respect as they start the show 4.30pm sharp
the show was fun .. mickey mouse n friends, lilo & stitch, peterpan and litt. mermaid
break time ( not happy as they did not inform on the how long will the break be)
Luckly we managed on time as the part2 show just began

Souvenir are expensive
Popcorn RM 10 Mug with ice: RM 30 colouring book : RM 10 Photo RM60
Yaa.. at first I did not bought anything but since I came with few of my friends and they bought so I bought one for Wawa - NEMO mug
she reallie like it and keep on playing with the mug

Dinner we have it at Vichuda
Location; Dataran suway
Thought to go for william
but it was pack

.. with my family and my aunty
My treat to all of them
Food was sort of OK .. not so nice not so bad

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