Tuesday, February 17

.A.h. .S.i.n.g.h. .-. .P.a.r.t. .2..

Stori of Ah Singh - Part 2

A singh with two balls
Balan Singh ( balancing)

A singh with three balls
Ama Singh ( amazing)

A singh who is swimmin in an iced pool
Kuldip Singh ( Cool Deep Sink)

A singh who lijes to drink soya bean milk
Yeop Hup Singh ( alaer name drink company tu)

A singh who owns a ship that sank
Titanic Singh
No lah .. It's Karam Singh ( karam)

A singh who was sacked from the national hocky team
Relax Singh ( relaxing)

A singh who likes roundabout
PuSingh ( pusing)

A singh who is flying around on a broom
Sou Pah Singh

If the Sikhs were to sucees in forming their own country, what will they call their currency?
Mata wang ah singh ( cld be mata wang asing)

Important to take note
If you understand this email means you're from Malaysia
as only Malaysian will know what is the meanin of thiz email
so forward this to your friend so that they can also " relax Singh" ( relaxin)

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nURmALa mAZLan said...

Singh gah sa na…wakakaka~`